Request a Waiver

Waiver Request Instructions

According to the terms of the FSU Faculty Senate Open Access (OA) policy, authors may request a waiver of their grant of license to the university on a per article basis. To request a waiver, please complete the form below.

Please note that, if you request a waiver for an article, your author’s rights will be limited to what is allowed by the publication agreement you sign with the publisher.

Before you request a waiver, please remember that this isn’t your only option in the face of a restrictive publication agreement! If the terms of an agreement are inconsistent with those of the policy, you also have the option to send an addendum to your publisher, reminding them of the FSU OA policy and reasserting your right to deposit your accepted manuscript in DigiNole. (If in doubt about the terms of a publication agreement, contact

(or working title)
The journal you have been accepted to publish in or the journal you hope to publish in.